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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council.

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Marine Pollution Control Act and Related Laws

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Laws and Regulations in Place

The Marine Pollution Control Act, Marine Pollution Control Act Enforcement Rules, Marine Environment Classification and Quality Standards, Regulations Governing the Collection of Marine Dumping Fees, Marine Dumping and Marine Incineration Management Regulations, Classification of Marine Dumping Materials, Marine Dumping Material Classification Table, Application Fees for Various Marine Pollution Prevention and Control-related Permits, Compensation Fees to be Paid for Pollution Caused by Ships and Fee Limits, Compensation Fees to be Paid for Pollution Caused During Oil Transport in Private or Public Locations and Fee Limits, Inspection and Identification Methods for Marine Pollution Involving Military Affairs, Designated Public and Private Locations for Oil Transport, Guidelines for Marine Environment Monitoring and Monitoring Station Installations, Marine Environment Pollution Cleanup and Disposal Regulations, Contingency Plans for Major Marine Oil Pollution Emergencies, Guidelines for Reviewing Marine Pollution Control Act-related Case Applications, and Formats of Marine Pollution Control Act-based Written Litigation.

Law amendment

Pursuant to announcement Tai-Gui-Zi No. 1070172574 released by the Executive Yuan on April 27, 2018, the central competent authority in the Marine Pollution Control Act has changed from the Environmental Protection Administration to the Ocean Affairs Council, effective April 28, 2018.

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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council