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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council.

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Clean Water

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We will examine the effect of marine pollution on the marine environment by using scientific data. We will build biodiversity and environment-related databases and Taiwan’s ocean health index using physical, chemical, and biological marine environment indicators that we have obtained via long-term monitoring. Next, we will review and adjust our marine conservation policies accordingly.

Concerning sporadic but severe oil pollution incidents that seriously damage the marine environment, we will work closely with the Maritime and Port Bureau and local governments, while engaging in marine pollution monitoring and law enforcement, and employing the latest technology, including unmanned aerial vehicles and system simulations. Moreover, we will continue to monitor and strengthen the repopulation of damaged ecosystems before they are fully recovered. Furthermore, we will amend the Marine Pollution Control Act when necessary and establish marine pollution foundations to prevent and control marine pollution.

Unit:Marine Environmental Management Division
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  • Update: 2019-11-21
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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council