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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council.

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Clean Ocean

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Clean Ocean  
    OCA has been examining the effect of marine pollution on the marine environment using scientific data. Biodiversity and environment-related databases and Taiwan’s ocean health index have been built, with the use of physical, chemical, and biological indicators of the marine environment obtained from long-term monitoring. Marine conservation policies have thus been reviewed and adjusted accordingly.        With respect to sporadic and severe oil pollution incidents that might seriously damage the marine environment, we have been working closely with the Maritime and Port Bureau and local governments for prevention and control. In case of large-scale marine oil pollution incidents, or insufficient contingency resources and materials of the local governments where the incidents occur, resources and materials so required will be provided timely to support mitigation of such pollution incidents. While engaging in the work of marine pollution monitoring and law enforcement, we have been collaborating closely with the Maritime and Port Bureau, MOTC and the Coast Guard Administration on offshore inspection by employing the latest technology, including ship automatic identification systems and unmanned aerial vehicles for inspecting oil transfer and illegal discharges of oil by ships at sea in preventing marine pollution. Moreover, according to the Marine Pollution Control Act, various plans and procedures have been revised and stipulated from time to time. Major Marine Oil Pollution Emergency Contingency Plan and major marine oil pollution incident reporting procedures has been established. Offshore Wind Power Review Mechanism has been revised, under which developers are required to submit their emergency contingency plans for development at public and private locations, and provide financial guarantee or liability insurance policy for pollution damage compensation to prevent pollution of the sea areas.

    Marine Debris has become a profound global issue due to its impacts to the health of marine ecosystems and the well-beings of humankind. We have been exerting tremendous efforts dedicating to marine debris investigation, monitoring, removal, and recycling into consumer products, as well as providing education on marine environments to address and prevent damages that marine debris might bring.

    We will continue monitoring and focusing on the restoration of damaged ecosystems to their full recovery. Actions will be taken under the following three aspects: systematic monitoring, well-developed legal norms, and supervision of law enforcement. These would help establishing communication network between public and private sectors to enhance their awareness of this pressing issue. It is hoped that more people can get to know the ocean around Taiwan and recognize the importance of marine conservation.

    The ocean belongs to all of us, and protecting the ocean is our common responsibility. OCA look forward to cooperating with all sectors and strive tirelessly to improve Taiwan’s marine environments and the sustainability of marine resources.

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  • Update: 2022-12-15
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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council