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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council.

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Sustainable Resource

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According to the Wildlife Conservation Act, the Ocean Affairs Council is the competent authority responsible for protecting and conserving marine wildlife. Accordingly, the Ocean Conservation Administration actively coordinates collaboration between the public and private sectors, establishes management guidelines, and strives to ensure marine conservation and sustainable development. The goal is to extend the added values of marine conservation to fishing villages and ecotourism to facilitate the co-prosperity and coexistence between ecosystems and fishing villages.

    There are more than 141 marine wildlife species listed as protected marine species, and listed on CITES appendices, as well as assessed by IUCN as endangered or vulnerable. Priority has been given to undergo systematic scientific investigation and by means of citizen scientists, to assess the resource status of Chinese white dolphins, cetaceans, sea turtles, cartilaginous fishes, seabirds, corals, and shellfish around Taiwan.


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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council