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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council.

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Web Accessibility Service Instructions.

The website main proof plate content divides into three sub-areas:
(1)The website service top links the area.
(2)The host chooses the list to link the area.
(3)Homepage main content area.

The Accesskeys used by this site are designated as follows:
Alt+U(Chrome、IE)、Alt+Shift+U(FireFox):The upper block of links takes users to the items on top of the webpage.
Alt+M(Chrome、IE)、Alt+Shift+M(FireFox):The menu block of links takes users to the menu of the webpage.
Alt+C(Chrome、IE)、Alt+Shift+C(FireFox):The block containing the main information takes users to where the main information on the webpage is presented.

Accessibility Tools:
  • Foreground Color Yellow and Background Color Black
  • Foreground Color black and Background Color white
  • Foreground Color yellow and Background Color blue
  • Foreground Color black and Bckground Color yellow
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  • 100%
  • Normal
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  • 250%
  • 300%

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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council