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OCA Ecosystem Friendly Fishing Activity Pilot in Taichung Port Demonstration Area
Published Date:2019-11-10
Unit:Ocean Conservation Administration
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    Ocean Conservation Administration

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    2019-11-10 ~2019-11-20

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    Ocean Conservation Administration

Taichung Port is a well-known fishing spot by fishermen and an important demonstration base for the government to promote independent fishing management and friendly fishing. OCA handles "Taichung Port Demonstration Zone Friendly Fishing Activity" at November 10 2019. With the core concept of "Friendly Fishing, Sustainable Resources", OCA invite fisher to come to Taichung Port for fishing.

OCA indicate that Taichung Port was the first sea recreational fishing demonstration area in the country and it was only opened in October. President Tsai had come to the North Bank of Taichung Port to experience pole fishing. The fishermen responded enthusiastically in this event. The registration was full in 2 days. The participating fishermen queued up to enter the venue in an orderly and early manner, and many of them supported the venue management.

Participating fisher said that the North Bank of Taichung has become different. The government and management units have made the environment clean. Fishers complies with safety regulations and wears life jackets and non-slip shoes.

In order to encourage the public to understand the value and significance of fishing activities, and promote the concept of friendly marine recreational activities and sustainable resources. In the same time, OCA encouraged fishermen to report their fishing information like catch (weight, size, species), location to the OCA’s iOcean platform( by give sunscreen sleeves. OCA would also publish the data to the public, and jointly build Taiwan coastal recreational fishing database for sustainable management purpose.

In addition to enjoying the pleasure and physical and mental satisfaction brought by fishing and rest, the cleanliness and safety of the fishing area, and sustainability of marine resources are the issues that fishermen are most concerned about. This year, OCA cooperated with Taichung Port Affairs Branch and Taichung Taiwan Fishermen's Congress Association to promote the fishing demonstration management plan for the first time using the Taichung Port North Bank as a sea fishing demonstration area.

To promote an ecosystem friendly recreational fishing awareness and implement management. It is hoped that the results of the demonstration can be promoted to port areas in various places to enhance the overall coastal recreational fishing environment in Taiwan and promote to more people in ecosystem friendly fishing and recreation activities.

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OCA friendly recreational fishing card for Taichung Port Demonstration Area
OCA friendly recreational fishing card for Taichung Port Demonstration Area
Safe jacket with friendly recreational fishing ID
Safe jacket with friendly recreational fishing ID
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