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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council.

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Marine Animal Rescue Network (MARN)

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Marine Citizen Science
Marine citizen science
Unit:Marine Conservation Division

Recently, a wave of “marine” citizen science trend has gradually developed in Taiwan. These citizen scientists have become a sector that government departments and NGOs are working hard to cultivate. Actions of these marine citizen scientists can improve marine resource monitoring capability, effectively establishing a marine database. They can also help to promote public participation in marine affairs, assist them in understanding surrounding marine resources, increase their marine knowledge and quality, and facilitate the development of behavior friendly to the marine environment.


To encourage the public to participate in marine citizen science action, the OCA designed a marine citizen science emblem this year. The plan is to use the marine citizen science cultivation project and games to promote public participation. The goal is to promote marine conservation concepts. The marine citizen science promotion plan can enable more people to understand and participate in the project, which can be beneficial to understanding the ocean. Reporting and exchange of real-time information is encouraged. The OCA encourages the public to understand the ocean and build marine conservation awareness to achieve the core value of the marine citizen science project. This is not only about data collection or engaging in one-sided research, but also about continuously promoting and building an operating mechanism in the future so that the public can understand that marine citizen scientists can bring positive benefits to society.

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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council