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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council.

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Marine Animal Rescue Network (MARN)

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Olive Ridley sea turtle
Marine Wildlife_marine reptiles
Unit:Marine Conservation Division

Lepidochelys olivacea

60~70 cm long. An adult turtle weighs about 45 kg and the carapace is slightly oval. This turtle is mainly distributed in shallow waters, where rocky areas meet sandy areas. Main food for the Olive Ridley sea turtle is crustaceans. This turtle is less commonly seen in Taiwan, but has been seen in Nanfang’ao, Kinmen, and Lanyu.

External characteristics: two pairs of prefrontal scales; 5~7 plates of central scutes; 5~9 pairs of lateral scutes (in a stripped shape); and one pair of claws on the forelimbs. 

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Olive Ridley sea turtle-馮加伶
Olive Ridley sea turtle-馮加伶
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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council