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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council.

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Marine Conservation Education

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Ocean Conservation Administration participates in the first National Oceans Day activity
Marine Conservation Education
Unit:Planning Division

June 8, 2019, was the first national Oceans Day and the Ocean Affairs Council organized a grand celebratory event at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center. Vice Premier Chi-Mai Chen of the Executive Yuan visited the event for a tutorial. Guests related to marine conservation from industry, government, and academia, people awarded for their work in promoting marine conservation, NGOs, civilian organizations, and representatives of diplomatic envoys shared in the celebration together.  

In addition to the announcement of Taiwan’s maritime policy white paper at the peak of the celebration, another highlight was congratulatory videos from different fields. Next, awards were given for the environmental protection fleet that carried out the OCA’s recent important policies, marine pollution assessment, diving warriors, and marine wildlife rescue meritorious persons (units). The families of the people being awarded were also invited onto the stage to receive the awards. Attendees showed enthusiasm at the event and the people awarded were also congratulated.  

The OCA not only set up stalls to display the results of the last few years, but also invited the Marine Debris to join the exhibition. Minister Lee of the Ocean Affairs Council-led the guests in visiting OCA’s stalls. Ambassadors of Palau, Belize, and Nauru expressed strong interests in Marine Debris products and also engaged in in-depth interactions with operators. In addition, the OCA staff in shark baby costume partied with everyone at the venue.  

During the afternoon, nearly 500 junior and senior high school students, teachers, and the public played board games about marine conservation and enjoyed the fun and learning. The event was enriching and diverse, and was concluded successfully.  
We look forward to next year’s National Oceans Day. See you next year.  
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white paper
Commentary on salute to the sea
Achievements presentation
Maritime conservation board game stall
Marine Debris
Hosted by Vice Premier Chen
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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council