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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council.

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Marine Conservation Education

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Publishing picture book
Marine Conservation Education
Unit:Planning Division

In line with the policy to include marine education in the Curriculum Guidelines for Basic Education, the OCA produced the national maritime ethical governance picture book: The Counterattack of the Little Sea Turtle. The picture book story was created by chief Wan-I Yang of OCA’s Civil Service Ethics office and Ting-Yu Kuo of the Marine Wildlife Conservation Division. The story involves marine wildlife conservation, transparent administration, and ethics and integrity topics. The picture book was commissioned to the artistic creator of A Turtle’s Life, Shou-Yi Tai; the story was told in a humorous and cute manner. Children can learn how to identify the five types of sea turtles in Taiwan through the picture book, as well as the living habits of the green sea turtle. They can also learn how to reduce ocean waste starting with themselves, while helping to cultivate a fair and honest character. The press conference for the new book was held at pier 22 of Monte Fino Yachts on February 25, 2019. The book is advertised and sold in Government Books and Wunan Books sales system (including Kingstone, Taaze,, Eslite, and other Internet bookstores).

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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council