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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council.

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Marine Conservation Education

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Marine conservation Conference
Marine Conservation Education
Unit:Planning Division

To enhance exchanges among marine conservation personnel in different fields, the “2018 Marine Conservation Forum” was held from November 22 to November 23, 2018, at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center. Over 500 people registered for this conference. Participants included personnel from the central government, local governments, universities and colleges, environmental and conservation groups, and civilian scientists. During the conference the OCA conducted discussions with experts and scholars, officials, industry representatives, private organizations, and civilian scientists on the following four major topics: marine pollution and research, marine waste governance, ocean ecosystem conservation and management, and marine wildlife conservation.  

On January 15, 2019, the OCA held the “Marine Wildlife Conservation and Research conference.” Eighty people participated in this conference, where experts and scholars from different fields gave speeches on Chinese crested terns, sea turtle rescue and conservation, cetacean stranding rescue, and Chinese white dolphins. This conference was also open to the public. With the consent of the speakers, the conference video was placed on OCA’s YouTube site for public viewing, in order to expand the public’s participation. In the future, professionals and groups will be invited to discuss possible proposals for major issues such as Taoyuan’s algal reef. This can promote dialogue among experts and scholars, NGOs and other environmental groups, and local government agencies so that opinions can be exchanged. The goal is to actively promote exchanges of marine conservation knowledge and help draft and promote policy. 

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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council