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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council.

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The 22nd APEC Roundtable Meeting on the Involvement of the Business/Private Sector in the Sustainability of the Marine Environment will be hosted on 6-7 September in Taipei.

To promote sustainable development of marine environment in the APEC region, Ocean Affair Council will host the 22nd APEC  Roundtable Meeting on the Involvement of the Business/Private Sector in the Sustainability of the Marine Environment on 6-7 September 2023. The roundtable meeting is composed of two main topics- “Development of Marine Conservation under Offshore Wind Farm Operations” and “Updates and Challenges of Blue Carbon Economy,” inviting the APEC delegates from Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, as well as international experts and domestic representatives from industry, government, and academia, are invited to gather in Taipei for further discussion.

Ocean Affair Council indicates that, this project is applied to APEC Ocean and Fisheries Working Group (OFWG) annually by the government. To support APEC Putrajaya Vision 2040 and align with the theme of APEC United States this year, “Creating a Resilient and Sustainable Future for All,” which focuses on three main priorities, “Interconnected, Innovative, and Inclusive,” the 22nd meeting aims to explore the novel and new topics under APEC’s agenda of marine conservation and sustainable development.

The Roundtable Meeting has received with strong supported from Ms. Mónica Rojas Noack, Lead Shepherd of APEC OFWG, as well as numerous member economies. On the first day, the experts from Japan, Korea, and Australia will lead the discussion related to the Balance between Offshore Wind Farm Development and Marine Conservation and Marine Spatial Planning and Marine Ecosystem Environmental Impact Assessment. On the following day, the theme will shift to “The Potential and Contribution of Blue Carbon to the Net-Zero Development Goal” and “Improving the Carbon Sequestration Capacity for Marine Ecosystems” will be explored by speakers from Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia. This aligns with the core principles of APEC 2023 for Net Zero and Sustainability by the cooperation between public and private sectors so as to reach the OFWG development goals.

Ocean Conservation Administration has invited APEC delegates and experts from the region to exchange in this Roundtable Meeting at Taipei. OCA also welcomes all friends who are interested in marine conservation to register via the link ( Participants will have the opportunity to listen to expert presentations and engage in discussions among professionals, government officials, and academics, all focusing on the development of marine conservation. For further details, please stay tuned to OCA’s official website and Facebook page.
Responsible Authority and Spokesperson: Wu Long-Jing, OCA Deputy Director-General
Contact number: 07-3383202 or 0919-613-467
Issue date:August 17, 2023

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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council