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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council.

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New highs in reports and survival rate of live rescue in OCA Q2 2020 report on stranded cetacean and sea turtles

For citizens to understand the rescue of stranded cetaceans and sea turtles in Taiwan, the Ocean Conservation Administration (OCA) announced today the Q2 2020 Report on Stranded Cetacean and Sea Turtles. Between April and June 2020, the OCA received a total of 60 reports on 70 stranded cetaceans and 57 stranded sea turtles. The number of reported stranded cetaceans (70) in Q2 is the highest over the past five years because of the stranded group of pygmy killer whales (Feresa attenuata) from April-June. In this quarter, five of the nine live stranded cetaceans have been released successfully. The number of stranded sea turtle reports remained the same. The Marine Animal Rescue Network (MARN) team was extremely busy in Q2 2020. As the number of stranded cetaceans between April and June 2020 was the highest in the same quarter over the past five years due to the stranded group of pygmy killer whales, the survival rate of live rescue at 56% reached a new high in recent years, and the MARN team successfully released five cetaceans in Q2 through full collaboration. Three of them were successfully released by the Coast Guard Administration (CGA) under the technical support of the team and experts. One baby sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) was released one day after treatment at the Badouzi Temporary Rescue Station in Keelung. One baby pygmy killer whale was released 56 days after treatment at the Xicao Rescue Station of National Cheng Kung University. According to the OCA, the rescue team needs to use different methods to rescue marine animals based on the environment and the status of the situation, the condition of the animal, and the limitations and challenges of rescue. The team learns and makes adaptire corrections from each rescue mission to optimize Taiwan’s rescue capacity of stranded marine species.
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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council