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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council.

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Marine Conservation Education

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Marine environment and conservation lectures
Marine Conservation Education
Unit:Planning Division

The OCA invites experts and scholars to share marine life or marine pollution issues on an irregular basis. On December 10, 11, and 26, 2018, Professors Chin-Chang Hung, Lee-Shing Fang, and Shen-Horn Yen of National Sun Yat-sen University gave speeches on “successfully winning the marine conservation battle,” “unveiling the Taiwan marine ecology: big data tell a different story,” and “how responsible new agencies should face ‘live alien aquatic animal review work,’” respectively. The event was open to participation by the general public.  

On January 7, 2019, the EPA’s Senior Specialist/Deputy Executive Secretary Hsin-Chen Sung shared the “overview of the Marine Pollution Control Act and case exploration.” From January 23 to January 25, Professor Yuh-Kae Huang of Fu Jen Catholic University’s School of Law delivered three speeches on the Marine Pollution Control Act, Maritime Act, international maritime laws, and international seas and maritime organization laws.  

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Ocean Conservation Administration, Ocean Affairs Council